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19 February 2008 @ 07:25 pm
Friends list trimming  
Ok 3 days grace over.
I honestly wish more people had removed themselves before I did this, I have never had to do any f-list pruning~ ._.

My friendships are a two-way thing~

If you're reading this message and you can only see a handful of other public entries, then I'm sorry, but I've probably defriended you.
This is for either one or a combination of the following reasons;
- You don't post journal entries I can see or comment on my journal, ever
- I don't know you and never talk to you
- I don't ever read your journal entries
- I have reason not to trust you any more
- I don't think that we have anything in common [anymore]
- I can't remember who you are or why I friended you

If I've removed you and you want clarification why, or you think it was unjust, and you do actually want to stay on my friendslist, then you can contact me privately, or comment here.
[everything is screened of course]

I know I may come across as a bit of a bitch, but it has to be done for my own piece of mind, sorry =[
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