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This journal is now .......


Most of the posts contained in this journal will be locked.
Please comment on this post to be added.
Please do not be offended if I do not add you back!

Before you go about adding me, please read and be sure you can abide by my journals' warning, located here.
Lucky Star: Oversoul

[Public] Friends cut.

Small friends cut.

I've removed a few people that I don't talk to, don't read their posts and I honestly can't remember who they are.
Please try not to take it personally; there's no malice meant, I just don't feel comfortable writing here and I want to change that.

If you think I've removed you without reason (I may have pulled people by accident) comment and I'll reconsider.

Possibly a larger cut to follow.
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Call me curious

This has caused quite a lot of =OO-ness in other LJ's. So, haha, yeah. Be nasty if you feel that way, and bottom line; tell the truth! That's the point!!

Brutal Honesty Meme:

Step 1: Post this in your journal.
Step 2: Others will reply anonymously about what they really think of you.
Step 3: Cry, because this meme is so brutal, and it hurts.

[anonymous comment screening is off]
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Friends list trimming

Ok 3 days grace over.
I honestly wish more people had removed themselves before I did this, I have never had to do any f-list pruning~ ._.

My friendships are a two-way thing~

If you're reading this message and you can only see a handful of other public entries, then I'm sorry, but I've probably defriended you.
This is for either one or a combination of the following reasons;
- You don't post journal entries I can see or comment on my journal, ever
- I don't know you and never talk to you
- I don't ever read your journal entries
- I have reason not to trust you any more
- I don't think that we have anything in common [anymore]
- I can't remember who you are or why I friended you

If I've removed you and you want clarification why, or you think it was unjust, and you do actually want to stay on my friendslist, then you can contact me privately, or comment here.
[everything is screened of course]

I know I may come across as a bit of a bitch, but it has to be done for my own piece of mind, sorry =[
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(no subject)

Well I suppose that neatly sorted out that problem.

Right, now. Anyone else who wants to get rid of me, you have three days grace. You don't have to tell me why you want to remove me, but if you do, feel free. This post has comments screened, it's public to allow anonymous comments, and you can tell me exactly what you think of me right here, but if you don't want to that's okay too.

Now at least I can lick my wounds in peace~
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Sales post!

Sorry guys paypal only! ^_^;;

Collapse )

Shipping will be $3 for one small item, $4-5 for up to three small items, and about $6 after that, and $6 for larger items. Any heavy items (eg togepi card) will have to be weighed.

Paypal is kisuneko[AT]!

Thanks for looking ^_^

EDIT: If you are paying through paypal with a debit/credit card, there is a paypal fee also. this will be around USD $0.60
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Okay. Since this has been playing on my mind for a while id like to let it universally known.
Due to my continuing sensitive state and ongoing instability of mood, I have decided to put this into writing and as a permanent fixture.
Recently ive been adding a lot of people, I am also going to put this journal URL up on DA in the near future.
This is not pointed at anyone, nor is it an invitation for an argument, it is a statement, and something I want EVERYONE on my f-list to understand. Take this as fair warning, it will be said once and once only.

If you decide at some point to comment on my journal, something insulting, condescending, argument-initiating, nitpicking or something that will insult my intelligence or wit, that did not need to be said and is merely an attack of character, do not be surprised if you are removed from my friends list.
This journal is private for a reason, and I don't care if you are my greatest fan (HAH!) or my best-friend, you will be removed permanently