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My words are falling apart in spite of me

I'll try to remember, I'll try to hold on...

★ ↔ Anibugs
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My Journal is friends only!

- I am a Biovet Uni student, and I love my subject, and animals in general. I will often go into TMI details about surgery or other procedures; My journal is not for the squeamish!
- I am an anime fan, particularly obsessive fan of Pokemon, and I will talk about this and other games and I will talk about it lots; My journal is not for those who have lost their sense of fun!
- I am one who often openly talks about my personal life and my personal situations, I will often express my own opinions; My journal is not for the closed-minded!
- I love art and I often draw a lot; My journal is not for you if you don't like large images!
- I have a tendency to be silly and TYPE IN CAPSLOCK A LOT.

If you like what you see, add me!

PLEASE DO NOT TAKE MY USERPICS WITHOUT AT LEAST CREDITING ME OR THE ORIGINAL CREATOR Doing so and me finding out will cause me to hit you with a big stick.

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